How to Stop the Plans of the Enemies Against Your Life

Since the fall of the devil into the earth, we all have to deal with one form of enemy or the other. Thank GOD for His care upon our lives because He reveals the secret plans of the enemies to us.

The LORD will show you the plans of the enemies through the spiritual gifts He gives to you. So, today’s message teaches you the steps to take to stop the execution of such plans.

4 Major Steps to Stop the Plans of the Enemies   

Your spiritual faith and discipline would speed-up the points below for victory:

1. Night Vigils

Spiritual knowledge reveals that spiritual plans (both evil and good) are done and executed during the sleeping hours of humans.

I learnt this from Jesus Christ who does not joke with vigils to hear from GOD and to be refilled for the next day’s victory. (Matthew 14:23)

I cannot explain all the secret advantages of vigil because it reveals how to defeat enemies, to receive victorious power, shields your soul and spiritual in-filling that contributes to victory.

Since spiritual victory is not a religious thing, I cannot specify how many times to do vigils in a week, but at least (two hours) once a week according to your physical strength.

2. Prayers

Prayers is the backbone for any Christian to attain a victorious life. It works perfectly when there is no fear, no bias but concentrated faith in the LORD. Please, avoid mentioning angelic names or names not specified by GOD during prayers. Make your request known to the LORD and not complaints!

3. Songs of Praise and Worship

This step can stop the plans of the enemies against your life. This point works sharply because it is God’s food, so those of us who know this secret do not joke with it.

4. Be in the Spirit all the Time

Holy Spirit is like your CCTV. He allows you to see the steps your enemies want to take so you can quickly take necessary actions. To be in Spirit means:

a. All your thoughts must pass through the Word of God.

b. Meditating the Word of God daily.

c. Always sing worship or inspirational songs.

You can cancel every plans of the enemies through the authority of Jesus Christ. So, claim the authority by faith and take necessary actions as the Holy Spirit directs you to do.

The points above are the steps under the scope of holiness and it works for me.    

About Ekundayo

I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

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  1. Ekundayo, your simplicity in explaining the written word speaks to my heart. My eyes open every time I read your articles. Thank you!

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