Meditation: How Christians Should Set their Mind!

Meditation is good but how you do it determines if it is for GOD’s glory or Devil’s excitement. Christian meditation involves given your sense of thought to the Holy Spirit to unveil spiritual understanding about the word of God and issues of life to you.

Statistics captured from Compare-camp showed that the number of people who practice meditation globally is estimated at 200 to 500 million. But how much of this is done rightly?

According to the survey by Pew Research Centre, the frequency of meditation among Christian (at least once a week) is 45%.

Today’s message explains the dangerous model of meditation and the right path to a fruitful meditation.

What Does it Mean to Meditate?

There are various definitions for this topic by many such as; the Buddhist, New Age movement and health experts. But the common phrase in all definition is the ‘control of the mind’.

Meditation is the act of making your mind to control your spirit and body to achieve a fruitful goal. The power of meditation is massive to your personality, so you have to make sure that the spirit controlling your meditation is Holy and not the demonic one.

6 Major Types of Meditation

I recommend only the Christian meditation as described in the Bible. It has all the benefits you care to enjoy. Scriptural mind-control is the safest! Some meditates include:

1. Spiritual Meditation

It is done among the eastern religions. The use of oils, myrrh and frankincense is not left out.

2. Mantra Meditation

Common among the Buddhist. They use a repetitive word or sound to blank the mind.

3. Focused Meditation

It involves using any of the five senses to concentrate on your internal act such as your breath. You might not know about this until you see your friend staring at a candle flame in silence…

5. Transcendental Meditation 

It is rooted in Hinduism. The occult practice involves silent use of mantra while sitting with the eyes closed. It takes the soul to a spiritual realm.

6. Mindfulness Meditation

This practice is common in the western world though it originates from the Buddhist. It involves paying attention to thoughts without judging or contribution.

7. Movement Meditation

The mind is allowed to wander during yoga, gardening or walking through the silent path.

7 Best Ways to Meditate as a Christian!

It is not a sin to meditate because it was the LORD’s recommendation to His faithful servants.

This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.” (Joshua 1:8)

How to mediate include:

1. Build your faith to take you to the conscious status that the presence of the LORD is with you.

2. Your Mental consciousness must be active and not passive.

3. Christian meditation is done with your mind filled with God’s word and not emptying the mind to state of blankness.

4. You start and end this process with recitation of concerned scriptural verses.

5. To mediate means to listen carefully to the LORD, so choose a silent place.

6. Reflect on the mighty deeds of the LORD and you’ll get a clearer picture of any confusing issue. (Psalm 63:6)

7. Don’t give yourself to deep thought of identifying your inner glory to avoid self-appraisal, but dip your thoughts into God’s revelation through the scriptures.

Better Positions for Meditation

There is no thumb law on the best position to meditate. I could share from my experience that it is best done in a posture that relax your muscles. Positions not limited to; kneeling, sitting, lying or walking.

The best place to meditate is a noiseless area close to nature. You can practice meditation anytime of the day. The LORD advised Joshua to do it both day and night.

Put off your phones and tablets and the only tool needed is your Bible.

10 Benefits of Christian Meditation

1. Close communion with the Holy Spirit

2. You would know God’s voice

3. Renewal of your mind is always guaranteed (Romans 12:2)

4. Acquisition of divine power

5. Your spirit being becomes stronger

6. Nothing happens to you unaware

7. You would see vision and dream dreams

8. Healing and Blessings is certain

9. Devil can’t win any temptation he throws at you

10. Your salvation and relationship with GOD would be consistent forever!

Godly meditation involves the use of scriptures to fill your mind and patiently wait to see how the Holy Spirit would communicate and open your eyes to see and understand the secret of success.

You cannot survive this life without meditation through Jesus Christ, so meditate on the word of Jehovah daily and He would reveal Himself to you in Jesus name.

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