Controlled by Demons? 10 Signs to Know Someone Filled with Dark Spirits

Someone controlled by demons does not necessarily run mad and they can act powerfully like a servant of God. Have you wondered how some people act strangely in church? Today’s message explains some signs you need to watch out for to make it easy for you to distinguish the manifestations of evil spirits from the Holy Spirit.

10 Signs that Someone is Controlled by Demons

1. Drastic Personality Changes

One of most alarming signs that someone’s soul may be controlled by demons is the occurrence of drastic personality changes. These changes often manifest suddenly and without a clear explanation, leaving friends and family bewildered by the stark contrast in behavior.

For instance, a person who is typically calm and composed may begin to exhibit extreme aggression, lashing out without provocation. Similarly, an individual known for their cheerful disposition might suddenly become overwhelmed by profound sadness or irrational fear.

These drastic personality changes are distinct from ordinary mood swings or emotional fluctuations that can result from stress, fatigue, or other everyday factors.

2. Unexplained Physical Ailments

One of the more alarming indicators that an individual is controlled by demons is the presence of unexplained physical ailments. These symptoms often manifest as chronic pain, fatigue, or recurring illness that lacks a medical explanation.

It’s crucial to note that these physical ailments should first be thoroughly examined by healthcare professionals to rule out any possible medical conditions. Only after exhaustive medical evaluations fail to provide a diagnosis should one consider the possibility of demonic influence.

3. Love for Religious Materialism

This was common among many prophets and pastors in the Christendom. ‘Powerful’ people controlled by demons always want to use ‘mediums’ during prayers. They want to connect to the ‘supernatural’ through materialism such as candles, water, oil, perfumes, rods, handkerchief, soap, rosary and the likes.

Everyone controlled by demons practices idolatry in a subtle way because they find it impossible to pray and worship God without holding a material or reciting repeated words in the form of speaking in tongues.

I don’t say speaking in tongue is demonic but if no one is interpreting the tongues you better watch out if the languages are from the demonic realms. John warned us to test all spirit!

4. Supernatural Abilities or Knowledge

This ability by someone controlled by demons is very confusing with someone controlled by the Holy Spirit. But don’t be confused because Jesus Christ says that by their fruits you shall know them.

Many false prophets and pastors fall in this category. They can perform many miracles. They can give detailed information about distant events, personal details of strangers, or insights into complex subjects without any prior learning or experience.

But it was under the influence of the demons. A typical example is the magicians performing miracles just as Moses did before the king.

5. Cause Disorderliness in midst of Saints

People controlled by demons are always uncomfortable amid children of God praying or gathering for bible studies. So, they always put up malicious behavior, cause disrespect and all forms of scenarios that could cause chaos in the holy gathering.

Watch out for people who speak in tongues in the gathering without edification causing confusion and disorderliness. It may amaze you that that is the order of the day in many churches today and it is a signal to know the numbers of demon in their midst.

6. Auditory Hallucinations

Hearing voices that others cannot perceive, especially those that command harmful actions, is a strong indication of demonic influence. These voices often instill fear or encourage self-destructive behavior.

7. Visual Hallucinations

Seeing disturbing images or entities that are not visible to others can also be a sign of demonic presence. These visions may be terrifying and persistent, impacting the individual’s mental state.

8. Sudden Changes in Voice

A significant alteration in one’s voice, including speaking in different tones or languages unknown to the person, can signal demonic possession. This change is often accompanied by an aggressive demeanor.

9. Unnatural Physical Strength

Demonstrating strength far beyond normal human capability, especially during episodes of rage or distress, is a classic sign of someone controlled by demons.

10. Seductive and Abuse of Power
Most of them are highly seductive with the motive of polluting the hearts of people. They enslave those who respect them and very selfish and greedy in character.

Jesus Christ says: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves…A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit…Therefore by their fruits you will know them. (Matthew 7:15-20)

You can identify people controlled by demons through the points I mentioned above, and you have to be watchful so that you can be safe.

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