What is Slave of Sin and Can a Christian be Enslaved?

Slave of sin means a metaphoric expression that describes sin as a lord to people who disobey the commandments of the LORD. Sin is the master while sinners are the slaves.

“Jesus answered them, “Most assuredly, I say to you, whoever commits sin is a slave of sin. And a slave does not abide in the house forever, but a son abides forever.”” (John 8:34-35)

Today’s message would explain the features exhibited by someone enslaved in sin and it would be an eye-opener for many young Christians.

20 Ways to Know when Someone is Slave of Sin

1. Not ready to resist temptation but to dance to the tune of the sin.

2. Takes habitual sin as a normal harmless action.

3. Supports the cultural practices of the land which contradicts the LORD’s Will.

4. Not ready to pay the sacrifice of self-denial to sins.

5. Having one thousand and one reasons for committing iniquities.

6. Obeying the lust of the flesh.

7. A slave of sin knows good deeds but won’t do.

8. Hates Jesus and serves the LORD with lip service!

9. Someone who is slave of sin does not have faith in Jesus Christ.

10. Does not put on the armour of GOD every day.

11. Public presentation of the body to serve as an instrument for sin.

12. A slave of sin rejects the strength of Jesus Christ that could break the bond of sin away.

13. Always love the worldly desires that lead to multiple somersaults.

14. Confess sins every day but not ready to repent!

15. Expects GOD to shout from Heaven if their sinful actions were truly wrong.

16. Doesn’t believe the records in the Bible but wants Jesus Christ to come and do another special preaching of the Gospel.

17. There are situations an enslaved person hates the sin but won’t come out to seek for help from the right servants of the LORD.

18. Always full of regrets.

19. Peace, joy and happiness are always short-lived in the life of someone enslaved in sins.

20. Lives a deceitful lifestyle!


If you are in the Christian fold and you notice any of the points above in your life, don’t over-look the issue but strive to change your status from slave of sin to slave of righteousness. May the LORD uphold you as you yield to His instructions in Jesus’s name.

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