What is God’s Warning to the Church?

God’s warning to His children is fearful, and calls for a check and balance. Though, this topic is unpopular on the pulpit, but it is real!

Today’s message is prophetic. This publication is neither my words nor my opinion. I have a Call from the Lord to speak this God’s warning to everyone.

So you, son of man: I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore you shall hear a word from My mouth and warn them for Me.”

Please read this God’s warning with an objective heart so you can understand the motive of God’s love in this message.  

I had a vision few years ago: I was climbing a very high mountain, and when I was close to the top of the mountain, the Lord approached the top from the other side.

He had an angry look and expressed His disappointment about the actions of the people on earth. He was furious and told me a lot of mess in the Christendom which some were listed below. The Lord says: “Go tell the people to stop their unholy and provocative actions…”

He angrily left me on the mountain.

I was extremely shocked to my bone marrow, because it was the first vision the Lord would neither smile nor speak with a gentle voice to me. When I was pondering on how to descend the high mountain, the spiritual power of the Lord lifted me from the mountain to the midst of people on earth.

I found myself preaching God’s warning to a man and the hosts of heaven came down to our midst. I was amazed and I told the man: “The presence of the angels is a witness that the message I shared with you is from our heavenly Father”.

When the vision of God’s warning was over, I knelt to pray and the Lord referred me to the book of Isaiah chapter 13 verses 3 to 13 as a scriptural reference – please read this passage.

The Mess that Triggers God’s Warning

  • Many youths in the Christendom do not know God, but they know how to do church activities.
  • Many Christians do not have a steady relationship with the Lord.
  • Many leaders refuse to discipline the prideful church members.
  • The influence of money had taken over the church.
  • Many leaders refuse to say the godly truth (which is not friendly to the carnal nature), because they don’t want their lazy members to leave for the next jamboree denomination or church across the street.
  • Bad competition among churches; for instance, a church idolizes handkerchief and the demons release ‘miraculous manipulations’. The leader in the next church, who does not want to lose his members to the former church, also introduced the new idolatry doctrine of miracle-handkerchief
  • Many leaders divert the heart of their members from the LORD to themselves. Leaders are celebrated during the testimony time. The name of the Lord is not solely exalted in their testimonies and the miracle-materials are taken the position of God in the heart of people (idolatry!).
  • Many leaders are too impatient, and they claim to help Jesus to do miracles by getting powers from spirits in the heavens, waters, and forests.
  • False Prophets and Pastors had taken over the Christendom, they made church a business ventures and they exploit both the rich and the poor.
  • They had watered the instructions of God written in the Bible, because they want many people in the world to love their sermons.
  • You can’t distinguish some Christians from the women of the street; majority of the men and women polluted their body (the temple of God) with worldly outfits.
  • The gift of Speaking in tongues is terribly abused.
  • The minds of many Christians are filled with features of this world, and their hearts are far from the Lord.
  • The choir don’t get inspirations from the LORD anymore, they copy the music trend of the worldly musicians, and they call it gospel hip pop, rock, and the likes.
  • The church is not ready for persecution, so every satanic policy from the Government is embraced without strong repulsion.
  • The First Love is nowhere to be found!

God’s Warning that Must Not be Joked with!

The Lord says:

  • “Stop Hypocrisy!”
  • “Make consistent relationship with Me”.
  • “Stop loving the things of this world.”
  • “My Grace is not a ticket for your carelessness.”
  • “Teach your children My way of Life.”
  • “Stop stepping on My toes!”
  • “The church should uphold discipline and no more lukewarm.”
  • “Stop justifying your sinful lifestyle!”
  • “Holiness should be the popular features in the Christendom not Money.”
  • “Go out to preach as instructed by Jesus, and spend less time in the mega-buildings.”
  • “I have never given a commandment to organize burial ceremony (wining, dining and dancing) for the death of Christians, stop it!”

God’s warning might not be interesting, but I implore you to check your stand with the Lord and balance it. God does not joke. God loves, but He does not tolerate sin. He will deal mercilessly with all sinners, so make good use of His grace to live holy.

After the vision, the Lord made me to know that if I have a sin in my portfolio at the end of my life, He would never hesitate to send me to hell. Thus, God is not a respecter of man, and He cannot be deceived.

God’s warning is meant to save us from the end time damnation. The Lord does not want us to perish!

So, stay firm in holiness, righteousness and godliness.

About Ekundayo

I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

3 comments on “What is God’s Warning to the Church?

  1. Preach pastor I received your message let the Lord use you. You are 100% right, I keep you in my prayer and you do for me need strength to fight the good fight and keep fighting for the Lord. It’s getting hard to find a good church that puts God first instead of how much money they can get from the people. Church isn’t church that I rember when I was growing up.

  2. Amen I receive his warning I been feeling his anger with the church. He preached on the same thing the Lord is warning us about because I seen it going on in church’s. People using church as a dateing service instead of coming to worship him and recieve his word and all about money. Went to a church if you didn’t have tithes and offering and wear a 3 piece suit they wouldn’t let you in. The Lord gave me a warning 4 yrs ago he told me for 3 months every day all day and started on my birthday May 18th. He said” Get my people ready it’s going to be so much chaus, mayham and destruction no man has ever seen”, and it’s going to happen in 2025. Look what’s going on in the world now earth quacks, the talabon taking over a whole country, Volcanoes erupting, forest fires and police turning against us. The closer we get to 2025 the worse it’s going to get. He took me in spirit to 2027 seen cars flipped over on fire, people looding and a man shoot himself in the head beside me but couldn’t die. He asked me why he couldn’t die and showed him in the bible why he couldn’t die God has taken death of the earth. Between this time and 2032 police and military going to be hunting Christians down and kicking in church doors locking us up and putting us in a convent like Hitler done the Jews. 2032 is when the military is going to ask you are you going to except the mark of the beast or die for him meaning the Lord. It be a stainless steel gillutien Infront of you which they use to cut of your head. I didn’t say this is when the Lord is coming all this got to happen before he comes, it’s in Revelation 20 verse 4. He took me in spirit to the future so I can see so I can earn his people like he told me. A prophet told me God ordained me as one of the chosen prophets everything he shows me I feel like I was actually there like getting my head cut off it felt like someone cut me with a knife around my neck. So please recieve his warning he gave me and share help me get his people ready time is rapping up and we don’t have much time.

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