Christian Mind: The Amazing Power of Your Mind

The mind is responsible for perception and judgement. It has three major levels called the preconscious, conscious and unconscious.

It is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, resulting into attitudes and actions.

A study suggests that the subconscious mind processes about 400 billion bits of information per second and the impulses travel at a speed of up to 100,000 mph! And the conscious mind processes about 2,000 bits of information per second and its impulses travel only at 100-150 mph.

Today’s message will improve your orientation about the supernatural power of the heart.

The Power of Your Mind

Your heart has the ability to create images (imaginations) and it can also receive images through your eyes. The amazing power of your mind is that it can convert the imaginations to realities once there is a little link of your consent to the processes.

Similarly, the heart is so powerful that it can process voices to actions; both inner voice and the one through the ears.

Some instances of your powerful mind are not limited to the following points:

1. Healing Power comes from the heart

The sick guy and his friends had a strong imagination in their heart that if Jesus can set eyes on them, there would be an instant healing. The conviction was so strong that they never considered the cost of destruction to the roof of the house where Jesus was ministering. Their friend was healed in the midst of the crowd – Mark chapter 2 verse 3 to 12.

The process of many miracles done by Jesus started from the powerful mind of the receiver. Jesus will always say; “let it be according to your faith”. The miracles occurred because the receiver had the imagination in their mind that they were healed.

However, Jesus could not do many miracles in the midst of people whose mind were filled with pride and bias. Matthew chapter 13 verse 58 says: “Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.”

If you are sick and you set the imagination in your mind that you are healed, the consistent imagination of healing would turn to reality.

Note: It is not the drugs that heal, but the mind-set you have towards the drug is the healing power.

2. Create Nightmares and Bad Dreams

Nightmares in most cases are self-affliction. For instance, when you watch horror films or action films, the movies are stored in your conscious mind and it is processed to your subconscious mind. During the processing, the mind would include you as an actor or actress in the new version of the film you watched earlier. So, you can’t escape nightmares if you give the power of your heart to ungodly movies.

Not until God gave me the divine understanding of our powerful heart, I had suffered fruitless fasting and prayers for Christians who consistently came to me with the explanation that they always had sex in dreams.

Don’t be deceived! No Bishop, Prophet or Pastor can help you with bad dreams, if you don’t stop watching porn or films with just a single scene of romance. Your mind is so powerful that it records the illicit movies or images and process them into simple or complex erotic version for you.

Note: When you are asleep, your mind is processing the information you sent to it during the day. And, your dreams or night visions are outputs from your powerful mind.

Watch good Christian documentaries and you will enjoy your dreams.

3. Makes You sick

Have you ever visited a sick friend in the hospital and you were too emotional about the status of your friend, and this thought “I feel sick” stroked your heart. And the next moment you felt a feverish condition and headache? Huh! It’s just the power of the mind.

If you are going through tough financial crisis and you say to yourself “am sick of this life” your heart would process the voice and interpret the voice for the sake of reality. This is the cause of high rate of suicidal act!

Your heart is so powerful that it does not joke with any data or information received. Your consent to any thought is enough for the mind to execute action.

For instance, Amnon achieved his lustful thought, but he suffered the consequences – 2 Samuel chapter 13.

4. Loss or Gain Fortunes

If you always send negative information such as: “I am not fortunate….I can’t make it…..I may lose this job….” to your heart, then the mind will process the information. The output of the processing will affect your ability to achieve greatness. Once depression sets into the mind, then there is trouble.

But, if you fill your heart with positive expressions such as: “I can make it… it is possible for me to get to the top….I won’t give up…. It shall be well…..” then your mind will process the positive information and it shall come to pass.

For instance, in the book of second King chapter 7, it was recorded that Prophet Elisha saw surplus, but the king’s officer saw shortage in his mind. And the next day it came to pass according to the imagination of their hearts. The officer’s life suffered shortage and death.

5. Your Mind Can Release Joy or Sorrow

Have you ever wonder why the rich also cry? Well, joy has nothing to do with post or affluence. I know many poor people who have joyful lives than the rich people in the society.

If you want to experience a joyful life, then always fill your heart with information such as; “contentment, patience, hope, God’s time is the best for me…..”

Your mind is so powerful that God respects the processed output of your heart.

Have I blasphemed? No! God respected the choice of Adam and Eve; else He would have taken the forbidden fruit from them. He respected the actions of the Israelites who suffered destruction as a result of their adulterous life!

Don’t make your heart to wander anyhow. Your mind is just like the steering of a car, if you refuse to control the steering it would take the car into the ditch. Thus, control your mind; else it can set you ablaze.

The heart is the stronghold for God’s miracle in your life, and it is also the gateway for the Devil to afflict you.

Since there is a strong link between your faith and your mind, then always allow the Lord Jesus to take full control of the information in your mind. God bless you. 

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