Patience with God? My Time is Running Out, I Need Help!

Your ability to endure God’s ‘delay’ in answering your prayers without abusing HIM is referred to as patience with God. Maybe you’ve been patient for so many years going through terrible problems, praying and fasting without blasphemy and it seems nothing good is happening. I respect your courage!

You have the right to ask questions such as: Why me? For how long will I stay in this mess despite my patience with God? When will you intervene in my life oh LORD?

Don’t worry, the LORD is neither deaf nor blind. The main issue is that your timing is absolutely different from the LORD’s timing.

Today’s message is for the children of God who knew the plans of God for their lives but not getting results as expected. 

The Power of Patience is Mighty for Breakthrough

Children of God may have diverse experience on their way to great achievement on earth, but a common virtue to all of them is the power of patience in their lives.

Are you going through unwanted situation in life and you feel like turning away from the LORD after memorising and claiming the promises of God in the Bible? No! don’t do such. Your patience with God is the only way that can lead you into the breakthrough you desired.

Many years ago, I was too speedy and couldn’t maintain patience anymore. The LORD said that HE would make me rich, but at the moment of my impatience I was one of the poor on the street.

I refused to hear from the LORD and I chose my way. I was linked to friends who told me how their business yield millions in few months… the concluding part of the story was that all the investment ran into deep red loss. And, I was not returned to status quo rather I was dipped into heavy debt.

The LORD had mercy on me despite my impatience; many terrible things happened to me very fast… Creditors threatened to expose me to public shame and to call the police to arrest me… I thought of suicide as the only way to avoid the mess my impatience led me into.

Few minutes to the suicidal act, I heard the voice of the Holy Spirit whom I refused to obey in the beginning, HIS counsel comfort me. And the LORD made a way where there was no way! HE pulled me out of the mess.

At this moment I share my experience with you (and by the grace of the LORD) millions flow through my bank accounts and I give it back to HIM.

The LORD will fulfil His promises in your life at the right time, so make your patience with God to be consistent.     

Why You Should Be Patient with the LORD

It is not an interesting experience when someone who trust God so much is getting little or no result. That doesn’t mean God is wicked or disabled.

HE would give you all you desired at the best time if you are patient. I learnt so much from the experience of the following people:

1. Samson was too impatient and refused to marry from his tribe, so he fell into the hands of the Philistines through Delilah. He could not make a greater height as expected. (Judges chapter 16)

2. Judas Iscariot could not exercise patience with God, he wanted a fast way to become rich and the 30 pieces of silver sent him to gallows. (Matthew 26:15)

3. King Saul was too impatient to conquer the war and his kingdom was pulled down very fast because he disobeyed God’s commandment related to special sacrifices. (First Samuel chapter 13)

The Profit of Patience with God

1. Restoration

Only Joseph knew the cost of his patience in the prison before he became the Prime Minister.

He would have thought God is wicked and plan a jail break, but he didn’t. His suggestion changed his status to become the second-in-command of the Egyptian government.

You might be going through a tough time like a ‘slave’, don’t give up because your faithful patience would lead to your breakthrough. (Genesis chapter 41)

2. Fruitfulness

Despite the shame and insult from people around Hannah, she neither run away from the Lord nor chose to become an Atheist. She looked forward for annual sacrifices to the LORD, prayed and patiently waited onto the LORD.

Only Hannah could tell us her cost of patience, but it’s not a cheap pie…. (First Samuel chapter 1)

You were insulted by people around you and you want to throw in the tower? No! don’t turn away from godliness.

3. Freedom from slavery

400 years of patience with God by the Israelite is not the type anyone prayed for, but we can’t blame God because He knows the best time for us. (Exodus chapter 12)

Don’t worry, HE hears your cry and HE would grant your request when no Pharaoh can hinder your breakthrough.

4. Your Star would Shine

The patience of David towards the throne was golden! Many attempts to assassinate him, he lived a fearful and unpleasant life for many years, living in the bush and on the rock, too many wars to conquer.

He did not underestimate God, but painfully trust in the Lord’s best time.

Are you going through tough time as if your prayers go unanswered? You sow seeds and your harvest time looks extremely delayed! Don’t give up because your pains would go away after you patiently wait to receive your crown like David.


Patience with God is profitable. You would have no cause to regret. Just endure for a while and your Joy would come in Jesus name.

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I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

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