Lust: 10 Powerful Ways to Overcome Covetousness!

Lust is an attractive strong desire to please yourself through an enticement which leads to an abomination. It is the second stage of a temptation that usher into sin.

Covetousness is another way of describing lust and it was in existence since the beginning of human existence. If God hates lust and it hunts after us every day, then how can we please God by defeating this pleasant enemy?

Today’s message would explain the strength of lust and the greater power that can defeat covetousness.

What are the various types of Lust?

The popular description of lust is always related to sexual affairs but there are more issues of life that can be influenced by covetousness such as:

1. Position

2. Properties

3. Money

4. Clothes

5. Jewellery and

6. Gold

The LORD does not want His children to be involved in any form of covetousness. 

“You shall not covet your neighbour’s house; you shall not covet your neighbour’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbour’s.” (Exodus 20:17)

How Does Covetousness Come into One’s Life?

Lust does not happen accidentally, there is always a doorway for its entrance. Some of the source is not limited to:

1. Room for careless thoughts

2. Watching porn

3. Romantic novel or magazine

4. Listening to erotic music

5. Bad influence through friends

6. Self-exaltation

7. Refusal to exercise self-control

8. Spiritual deafness

9. Pride

10. “All satisfaction must be met”.

10 Powerful Ways to Overcome Lust!

Many years ago, I suffered lust for sexual affairs and money. I was like a prisoner who can’t have his freedom, but I thank GOD for His salvation upon my life and I was victorious when I followed the guidelines below:

1. Make a Choice

The first step to your victory is to make the hard choice not to enjoy the lustful life anymore.

2. Meditate the Word of GOD

Sunday sermons alone can never deliver you from lust. Read the Bible every day and night and have a deep understanding of God’s will for your life.

3. Shed Your Weight

Stay away from every thing that would arouse your lust. Discard the romantic materials. Delete all provocative music, images and videos.

4. Say ‘Bye’ to Old Friends

You can’t put a new wine in an old bottle. You would feel the pains but let them go away from your life. If you have no genuine Christian around you, don’t worry, you are not alone because Jesus would stand beside you when you invite Him.

5. Ask GOD for Forgiveness and Repent

The LORD told me that no matter how terrible your sins are, He would forgive you provided you are ready to do His will.

6. Re-write your Brain Programming

I don’t fall into lust like the past because I changed how I consider various thoughts in my heart. The secret is; when the lustful thoughts come, do a complete transfer of the data to the Spirit of God in you to process it and you would be glad that the information would be a victory for you.

7. Live a Prayerful life

Your prayers are not limited to the four walls of your church or home. Learn to pray silently in your heart.

Communicate to GOD all the time because He would teach you the unique steps to take in every peculiar lustful situation you might want to find yourself.

8. Fall in Love with Gospel Music

There are many forms of music out there, but choose the tracks that inspire your souls towards God’s presence.

Both my phone and my deck at home have a storage device that can sing songs for twenty-four hours. I listen to music all the time, so no space for lustful thoughts – Hallelujah!

9. Always Attend Funerals

It’ll remind you that the risk of satisfying a lustful desire is not worthwhile.

“Better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for that is the end of all men; And the living will take it to heart.” (Ecclesiastes 7:2)

10. Love GOD with all Your Heart

If your daily activities show the love of GOD, then it would be impossible for you to lust.


Covetousness is one of the strong attributes of the flesh, but if you crucify your flesh and live in the spirit according to the scriptures then you won’t suffer the bondage of lust anymore. 

About Ekundayo

I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

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  1. Thanks for the word, entertaining careless thoughts leads us to bondage and I like the one of attend funerals, it reminds us that we are on earth for only a period of time and all these worldly things will remain here, the most important thing is your relationship with Jesus Christ

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