How to Invest Your Talents

God gives everyone talents to make life more pleasant to live. Talents are unique actions you perform without finding it difficult to do.

Talents are gifts from the Lord for physical and spiritual benefits of humanity. Few examples of talents performed for physical benefits include: occupational skills, academics, leadership skills, language skills, etc. Talents performed for spiritual benefits are recorded in 1Corintians chapter 12 and verse 7 to 11 which include; word of wisdom, word of knowledge, gift of healing, discerning of spirits etc.

How to Know Your Talents

1. Have Confidence in Yourself
It will be difficult for you to identify your talents, if you don’t believe that God had designed special abilities into your life.

Some people thought that only the popular icons are talented people, but that is not true. It is the level of talent-investment that determines the popularity of a talented individual. Thus, everyone has something good to offer the world.

2. Your Easiest Task
Don’t be surprise that one of your easiest tasks might be the most difficult puzzle for another person or group of people. Pick a pen and list all the tasks you can do without stress.

For example, if you can compose eight tracks of classical songs in two hours, then you are a talented musician who must invest in the life of other music composers who spent twenty-two hours to bring up a single track.

One of the easiest tasks I discovered during my teenage was ability to write long essays in the class. So, I found it easy through the power of the Lord to be a Christian Blogger today.

3. List Your Achievements
Your talents are channels of achievement in life. You can easily identify your talents when you go through the actions involved to attain every unique success you made. God had embedded useful talents into you for spiritual or physical gatherings.

Invest Your Talents

God gave you the talents for the physical and spiritual benefits of everyone around you. So, it is unwise for your talents to be kept in a corner of your soul. God recommended Bezalel and Oholiab to Moses for the construction of the tabernacle, because He knew how talented they were. God told Moses: “…I have given special skill to all the naturally talented craftsmen so they can make all the things I have instructed you to make…” (Exodus 31:1-11).

Joseph invested his talent of interpretation of dreams to save the whole country of Egypt and its neighboring countries from the sufferings of seven years famine. (Genesis chapter 41)

Always use your talents to provide solutions to people around you and to your society. You can save the life of somebody through the talents the Lord had given to you.

Jesus Christ explained in one of His parables that a fearful coward who does not invest his talents into the lives of people will not gain heaven. Jesus says:”… And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Mathew 25:14-30)

Identify your talents and invest today. God Bless you!!

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