End Times: Are we Living in the Last Days?

End times is the period that precede the rapture of God’s children on earth. This world would come to an end very soon!

The LORD revealed a vision to me describing our present world to be like a spoilt orange. The orange was once round and attractive, but now 98% of the orange had gone grey and shapeless.

Today’s message would reveal the facts that we are living in the end times!

No one knows if we are ten years or one day to the rapture. Jesus never knew the Day because it is God’s plan to ensure that no one cheats on this race to heaven. (Mark 13:32) The sign of the last days is becoming more revealing than the past.

Scientific Proof of the End Times

The fulfilment of the Biblical prophecy around us is enough to believe that the last days is here. But, let’s have a look to the warnings of the scientists who do not use the Bible for mapping.

Some scientist doesn’t believe in rapture, but the outcomes of their experiments made them to believe that there is end times.

For instance, I read this information below from NASA website: “The planet’s average surface temperature has risen about 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit (0.9 degrees Celsius) since the late 19th century, a change driven largely by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere. Most of the warming occurred in the past 35 years, with the five warmest years on record taking place since 2010. Not only was 2016 the warmest year on record, but eight of the 12 months that make up the year — from January through September, with the exception of June — were the warmest on record for those respective months.” 

This shows that the earth is dying and that is the cause of famine, drought, terrible diseases, heavy flood, wild forest fire and terrible earthquakes across the continents. Scientist believe an end would come to the world soonest.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists also stated in their 2019 Doomsday Clock Statement that it is 2 minutes to the midnight.  

15 Signs of the End Times and Coming of Jesus

1. False Messiah, Pastors and Prophets would deceive people in the church with great signs and wonders

2. Wars and rumours of wars

3. Different forms of famines

4. Pestilences

5. Earthquakes

6. Sorrows

7. Tribulations among the servants of God spreading the Gospel

8. Death of many active Christians evangelising the Good News

9. Terrible hatred from unbelievers to Christians for Christ’s sake

10. Many offences will spring up among church members (the cause of having too many denominations today)

11. Betrayals among Christians

12. Hatred in the Christendom

13. Lawlessness will abound both in the church and the society

14. The love of many would grow cold; no zeal to do things of the LORD with righteousness

15. The end will come after the Global Evangelism is accomplished!

The spread of the gospel is so aggressive now through the use of technology. For instance, this gospel blog site has audience from all the continents in the world.

The prophecies above are not mine but the Lord Jesus – Matthew chapter 24.

 19 Common Character attributed to the last days

Paul shared the inspiration given to him as regards the signs of end times, Second Timothy 3: 1-5

1. Lovers of self

2. Lovers of money

3. Pride

4. Arrogant

5. Abusive

6. Disobedient to their parents

7. Ungrateful

8. Unholy

9. Heartless

10. Unappeasable

11. Slanderous

12. Without self-control

13. Brutal

14. Not loving good

15. Treacherous

16. Reckless

17. Swollen with conceit

18. Lovers of pleasure than lovers of God

19. Having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power.


Unfortunately, this list characterised our present society. So, we have to be watchful and alert.


How to Get Prepared!

How do you get prepared for the day of rapture in the midst of this end times? Keep your heart inclined toward the way of the LORD. Obedience to the instructions of the Lord is vital!

The cogent step that would uphold your status as a child of God in this end times is to be watchful and vigilant.

No one knows the day or hour the LORD will bring the world to an end. Thus, don’t imitate the popular ungodly practices, but follow the unpopular righteous path of the Lord as instructed in the Bible. Then you would be fit to survive this end times.

Jesus says:” … But the one who endures to the end will be saved…” Are you ready to endure? 

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