Doubt in God: 10 Ways to Overcome Bias in the LORD!

Doubt in God is a sober situation that happens to people when unwanted circumstances hit them in a disappointing way.

Are you going through a tough time that makes you get bias about the sovereignty of the LORD? Would you love to know how your doubt in God can be corrected? Today’s message would explain the cause and steps that can stop doubt in God.

7 Major Causes of Doubt in God

1. When you dictate how you want an outcome to the LORD and He refuses to do it.

2. Reluctance to the obedience of God’s instructions which is usually unfriendly to your carnal nature.

3. High level of anxiety in you!

4. If you concentrate more on the worldly solutions than the godly solutions, then doubt in God would set-in.

5. Lack of trust in the LORD

6. Spiritual emptiness; reading the bible, praying and scriptural meditation become uncommon practice to you.

7. Repeated tribulations, hard times and fewer fruits to show for a sleepless hardworking lifestyle…

5 Dangers that Happens when You’re Biased to God

1. The Devil would be happy to lure you to his side.

2. If the doubt is not quickly eliminated, then you may trek the dangerous path of agnosticism or atheism.

3. Confusion and Depression

4. Doubt in God is disconnection from everlasting victory!

5. Your good sense of judgement gets corrupted.

10 Steps to Overcome Doubt in God

1. Read more about God in the Bible so you can know more of Him.

2. Allow the Holy Spirit to change your wrong mind-set about God.

3. Seek the counsel of genuine servants of God

4. Intensify your prayers to the LORD and He would speak to you about the situation.

5. Meditate on His Word daily.

6. Stop reading books written by the atheists and Antichrists.

7. Don’t watch movies that portray non-existence of God.

8. Your doubt in God would stop when you always hear from the Holy Spirit before taking any action.

9. Tribulation is part of life but always remember that your faith in the LORD would make you victorious. (John 16:33)

10. Always say to the LORD: “Father let your will be done in my life”. (Matthew 6:29)

It is normal for the wind of doubt in God to blow on you when going through the storms of life but it is your responsibility to throw away such thought by reading His promises written in the Bible. And the special antidote to bias in the LORD is to stand firm and be obedient to God’s commandments.

I pray the LORD will help you and strengthen your heart in Jesus name.

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I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

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