How to Overcome Boredom

The first time I experienced boredom was during the long vacation of my second year in the University. I enjoyed the busy semester and the brilliant performance in the exams, but at the end I felt empty within me. It was after some days I jumped out of it through the power of the Lord, when I discovered that my boredom is an emotional signal telling me to set new goals on what to do and achieve during the vacation.

Boredom has its way with you when there is failure to use your time in a fulfilling way and it seems to be a mental problem; not knowing what to do with one’s life at the moment.

Boredom is like all other emotions; your brain interprets the passive moment you are as a signal sent to you by your subconscious mind to motivate you to do a particular action that will activate the passive mood.

Boredom can lead to feelings such as; emptiness, helplessness, loneliness, depression and even sadness. Can boredom be a permanent loser in your life? Yes! Since boredom originates from the inside, then a change in lifestyle is the powerful solution.

5 Powerful Ways Christians Can Overcome Boredom

1. Set Daily Goals for Your Life

People who sleep and wake to receive what the day has for them are victims of boredom. You will agree with me that God designed our mind to be an engine room for regular production of good output for ourselves and people around us.

One vital way to overcome boredom is to pick a pen and paper, jot the goals you intend to achieve for the day. The more goals you highlight the more resources you will need to meet them and the more you will find these resources around your vicinity and the events of accomplishing your goals will eradicate any feeling of getting bored.

2. Push your Eyes and Ears Forward

I had discovered the pills for healing boredom to be the cultivation of a lifestyle which has to do with reading the powerful word of God in the bible and listening to good gospel music.

I found out that reading and meditating the scriptures is refreshing and uplifts my state of mind a lot, while music which is the food for the soul is relaxing and rejuvenates my mind to improve my dull mood.

Reading Christian books or surfing the internet to read helpful articles just as you are doing now goes a long way to put an end to a boring life as well.

3. Visit a Friend

Boredom can just be a simple signal to tell you that it’s time to visit helpful friends to enjoy healthy exercises or helpful discussions that could uplift your soul in the way of the Lord.

Jesus did not experience a boring time because he used every available period for visitation from one place to another to spread the powerful Good News. You won’t regret the act of evangelism because it’s a win-win deal with the power of the Lord.

4. Change your Routine Work

Some people try to avoid boredom by turning to drugs, illicit sex and alcohol. But all they succeeded in doing is complicating their problems.

A boredom moment signifies that you need to change your present action at the moment, therefore the next step is to think of another powerful and dynamic way of achieving the same goal.

Repeating regular routine which in itself might not be that stimulating can be boring, you can change the sequences if possible.

Boredom is not a life threatening mood but it is a signal to get you busy doing some things useful for the help of your environment.

5. Post on Your Social Media Platforms

You can overcome boredom by sharing the revelation you discovered when you read and meditate on the word of God in the bible. Your online evangelism would bless many souls and your spirit as well will be lifted up for joy.


Boredom is not a sin but can be an opportunistic feeling that can lead to unwanted emotions, so you can overcome it by listening to good Christian music, reading the bible and meditating the word of God in the presence of the Holy Spirit. Sharing the gospel either online or offline is a great act that sends a signal of fulfilment to my heart, you can also enjoy the same too.

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I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

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