How can I be wise as serpent?

Jesus Christ was teaching His disciples the right attitude to practice during evangelism “wise as serpent” in the midst of wicked people who shall stand against preaching the power of truth in the gospel when He says: ’’Behold I send you out as a sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpent and harmless as doves’’. (Matthew 10:16 NKJV)

I was wondering how could the wisdom of the serpent that made Eve in the Garden of Eden to lose her physical intimacy with God become the source of power for me to defeat the wicked people. In my sense of interpretation, I thought there was nothing wrong with behaviour such as; deceit, slander and being hostile to any wicked person that might cross my path. But the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit asked me if any evil action could yield a good outcome? I need no one to tell me the answers…

The wisdom of the serpent in the teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ is referring to the natural attitude of the animal and not to the devil that used the animal as an instrument in the Garden of Eden. The world holds nearly 3,500 snake species and each display a unique combination of defensive mechanisms and survival strategies. Most of the snake relies on camouflage (hiding) or fleeing from predators as a first point line of defence.

Have you ever met a serpent while walking along a bush path? Huh! It’s not as scary as you thought. When most of the serpent noticed the presence of a potential enemy, they camouflage and run away. That is the wisdom of the serpent the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to imbibe in our rough Christian path of evangelism.

During evangelism in a gathering where you were not given the audience to speak the power of truth according to the word of God, do not embarrass or curse them because you might not find such attitude funny. Jesus want you to be wise as serpent by dusting your feet, dip your hand into your pocket to grab your ignition key – camouflage and run away by obeying the speed limit of the rough road to your house. Another day will be a chance for the poor evangelist.

Jesus Christ had the same encounter when He was denied the access to preach the power of truth in the country of the Gadarenes, because the angry people were not comfortable with the financial loss incurred by the great herd of swine (about two thousand) that got choked in the sea.

If Jesus had not been wise as serpent by asking the man delivered from the demons to stay behind in the town – camouflage, and He ran away to the next village to preach the power of truth, then it is obvious that Jesus would have been stoned to death by the angry people, which would not fulfil His purpose of salvation to the human being (Mark 5:1-21). It was later discovered that the only economist to teach the Gadarenes how to be profitable in animal husbandry is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Christians have the obligation to preach the power of truth, but it must be done without pride. Therefore, you need to preach the gospel with wisdom and run away from a place or anyone who rejects your invitation. It is certain that those who reject your preaching will invite you later on for a crusade.

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I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

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  1. Thank you very much for this article! I was reading Matthew 10:16 and this helped me understand what God meant when he said be wise as serpents. Great blog!!

  2. Thank you Ekundayo,
    I was reading Our Daily Bread for today regarding the kingdom of Gods belonging to little children in Mark 10:13-16, and I thought to myself, this is saying we, who are no longer children, are to become as little children in order to be in God’s kingdom. Then I thought, how do we do that i. e. become as little children? The verse in Mark 10:16 came to mind, be wise as serpents. I asked myself, what sides that mean? So I googled “wise as serpents” and found your wise explanation. Thank you again.

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