Happy Marriage: 20 Secrets of Happy Christian Home

Happy marriage for Christian couples is not free of challenge but the beauty of agape love is the string that pulls the joy for the couples.

It is a serious concern to me to minister the helpful steps to take for Christian couples to enjoy a happy marriage because countries keeping marriage statistics shows a red alert. Some youths are scared of marriage due to the fear of sad experience.

For instance, the Census Bureau’s 2017 American Community Survey recorded decline in the U.S. divorce rate during the 21st Century.

“In 2000, 4.0 out of every 1,000 Americans got divorced. By 2017, the divorce rate had dropped to 2.9 per 1,000 people.

The decline in divorce rate is no doubt tied to the decrease in the marriage rate. In 2000, 8.2 Americans were married for every 1,000 people. By 2017, only 6.9 Americans for every 1,000 people were married.”

20 Helpful Ways to Enjoy a Happy Marriage

1. Love the LORD and your spouse unconditionally

2. Don’t resurrect the dead mistakes of your past

3. Sustain a family altar in your home

4. Share and Meditate the Word of God together every day

5. Respectfully tell your spouse the truth in all circumstances

6. Exercise high level of patience when your partner is impatient

7. Understand the strength and weakness of your spouse

8. Lustful temptation would surely come; flee and avoid excuse to the guilt

9. Create time to share funny moment with your spouse

10. Do things together at home

11. Pass your night together on the same bed and not separate rooms

12. Happy marriage requires a healthy sexual relationship, so please do your best to satisfy your spouse. It’s a strong course!

13. Resolve your differences in your room and not in the midst of in-laws and friends

14. Each spouse needs to agree on using the Word of God in the Bible as the ‘conflict resolution tool’!

15. God hates divorce! So, don’t think about it. It’s not a solution

16. Hot critics and nagging cannot yield a happy marriage; speak softly and always take a deep breath during tough conversation

17. It is wise for you and your spouse to always agree on the financials

18. Train your children together with the word of God and make your lifestyle a holy role model

19. Forgive your spouse seventy times seven times daily

20. Go out together and witness the Good News to people and the LORD would reward both of you.

Happy marriage is achievable if you follow the steps above. It’s my manual working well for me. Lay the foundation of your marriage on the word of God and not on the corrupt culture of the world. You would enjoy your peaceful marriage if you endure and get yourself disciplined.  

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