Dirty Mind in a Christian? 20 Steps for Your Perfect Cleansing!

Dirty mind in a Christian is synonymous to a dog going back to its throw-up. Filthy mind occurs when you long to have sexual intimacy with an opposite sex you see. A perverted heart is unholy!

If you are presently going through a dirty mind and you feel bad finding it impossible to pull out of it, then today’s message will help you.

How Do You Get a Dirty Mind?

It is a pity that no one on earth has the power to stop the agents of dirty mind because they are everywhere including the church.

Our dressing style is speedily tending towards nakedness and many pastors never condemned the demonic style of dressing and cosmetics in our society.

Before the later end of the 19th century, anyone that dress or appears seductive is referred to as a whoreson dog, but it is unfortunate that presently half nakedness of people on the street is seen as a normal view.

Your heart can become filthy through the following:

1. Giving attention to secular advert on the television or magazine.

2. Fixing your eyes on opposite sex who may/may not dressed seductively.

3. Listening and enjoying the worldly music.

4. Watching porn

5. Immoral touch of the opposite sex can give a dirty mind

When Does Your Mind Gets Dirty

Everyone who has eyes to see and brain to interpret gets tempted every day. The difference is that a transformed Christian would wipe the dirt away before it sticks to the mind, but the careless Christian allows the dirt to stick which results to a dirty mind.

Jesus says: “You have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not commit adultery. But I say to you that whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” (Matthew 5:28-29)

You don’t have a dirty mind when you look at opposite sex and take your eyes and heart away instantly!

But your mind gets dirty when you look at the opposite sex, admire the look in an indecent way, personalize the figure and long to have him or her on bed.

Your mind gets terribly perverted when you lust after same sex or you long to be transgender – it is an abomination to the LORD.

7 Terrible Effects of a Filthy Mind

1. It leads to fornication and adultery

2. Dirty mind corrupts the soul

3. Holy Spirit would desert from such heart

4. It gives room for the devil to oppress and depress such soul

5. You lose respect in the midst of reasonable people

6. Bankruptcy

7. Anyone with a dirty mind treks the path that leads to eternal punishment.

20 Ways to Overcome a Dirty Mind

1. Stay away from friends or people who delight in dirty talks.

2. Stop looking at someone for more than 1 second!

3. Don’t shift blame to the harlot-looking lady for your dirty mind.

4. You will be clean if you stop watching porn or any similar movie.

5. Self-control is a vital virtue that helps, so take charge of emotions.

6. Always do Bible recitation and consistent Bible studies.

7. Fill your mind with holy words and filthy thoughts won’t manifest.

8. Disallow your brain from analysing how he or she looks!

9. Improve your spiritual and physical discipline.

10. Be diligent in your spiritual and emotional training.

11. Tell yourself always that you are a faithful child of GOD!

12. Do not live your life with a passive mind, expecting GOD to play your role for you.

13. When your eyes see the ‘flesh’, instead of saying “wow!” it is wise to take your eyes away and whisper; “Blood of Jesus wash my face”!

14. Anointing does not cure dirty mind so always look away frequently when having a long talk with a seductive person.

15. If your mind gets dirty more often through watching television, you might need to shut it down until your heart is trained to watch only edifying programmes.

16. Avoid the beach because you can’t escape seeing the flesh in bikini that can stain your thoughts and make you dirty.

17. Don’t attend churches that allows seductive dressing because you would struggle so much with images that sucks your faith!

18. You won’t have a dirty mind if you are patient with your thoughts.

19. It is normal for opposite sex to be attractive but it is abnormal if you can’t control your desire.

20. Filthy mind can be cleaned through fasting and prayers.

I strongly encourage you to follow the steps above and your dirty mind would be cleaned permanently. Because, I followed the steps and my victory is permanent forever!

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