Daily Devotion: 12 Best Ways to Worship God Privately!

Daily devotion means the lovely determination to pray, worship and hear from the LORD in your private place every day.

The secret of all the powerful men of God you look up to is their consistent daily devotion to the LORD. I enjoy it so much because I receive the spiritual power and wisdom which makes me a successful servant every day.

Today’s message would teach you how to do a regular daily devotion and the benefits you can’t wait to receive!

7 Materials You May Need for Daily Devotional

1. Hard cover Bible

2. Audio Bible

3. Pen

4. Note Pad

5. Diary

6. Online Bible Commentary

7. Musical instrument

12 Steps to Take for a Successful Daily Devotion

The beauty about your private devotion to the LORD is its non-rigidness. So, the agenda is flexible and you can choose the sequence to suit your peculiarity. The steps below are the major actions to take to enjoy a regular daily devotion:

1. Make a strong resolution to devote daily worship to the LORD.

2. Use distraction-free place(s) for your private worship to GOD. For instance, Jesus Christ chose the top of mountains.

3. Set your time. Choose a realistic time of the day; morning, afternoon or night. And decide the number of minutes; you can start with a 15 minutes fellowship.

4. Switch off your communication devices.

5. Play your musical instrument to praise and worship the LORD.

6. Sing songs to the LORD from your cheerful heart.

7. Open your mouth and pray but if you are too weak then whisper. The vital action is to make sure that your heart is not distracted.

8. Read your Bible. I recommend you start reading from the New Testament. Read in a contextual way and do not set a specific number of verses or chapter, this would help you to understand the passage and avoid misconception.

9. Jot the Bible verses and lessons learnt. This would help you in the future for easy reference

10. Meditate on the Word of GOD. Don’t forget to ask for the counsel of the Holy Spirit as you read the Bible. This would help your meditation to become powerful and revealing! You can use the online Bible commentary if you come across difficult clause.

11. Write your revelation in the diary. When you receive a deep meaning about the Bible verses from the Holy Spirit with respect to your private life, then it is wise you record such in your diary.

12. Anticipate to hear from the LORD. Daily devotion is not one-sided, so you would surely hear from the LORD through the spiritual gift given to you or the meditated word in the Bible.   

10 Benefits of Daily Devotion

1. Your share is a peaceful mind even in the midst of turbulence.

2. You would know more about the LORD because He visits you every day.

3. No more confusion in your life because the Spirit of the LORD would guide you to do the right thing every day.

4. The LORD will bless you with spiritual gifts.

5. You can easily tell people around you the good news about the salvation of the LORD through Jesus Christ.

6. You would be privileged to see the glory of Heaven.

7. The Devil would find it impossible to defeat you.

8. Authority from the LORD is your power, so there is no demon or ruler of darkness that can threaten you.

9. You would lack nothing good because you sought the kingdom of God and His righteousness. (Matthew 6:33)

10. The false teaching and the modernization in the world cannot slip you away from GOD.

Daily devotion to the LORD refreshes you and makes you spiritually stronger. I presently enjoy this godly relationship so much! I recommend this private worship to you because you would have an unbreakable relationship with the LORD.

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