40 Character of a Christian Child in the Family

A Christian child is God’s representative in the generation the parent won’t be privileged to coordinate. It is not an easy task to raise a godly child, because the external influence in our society today is terribly bad.

I heard this news few days ago:

“Around 27,000 children in England, some as young as 10, belong to ruthless gangs, an in-depth study by the Children’s Commissioner revealed this shocking development.

Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner for England, published her study as she hosted a summit bringing together police and crime commissioners, senior police officers and chairs of local safeguarding boards.

The report, “Keeping Kids Safe: Improving Safeguarding Responses to Gang Violence and Criminal Exploitation’’, estimates that only a fraction of child gang-members are known to children’s services.

Longfield said, “The criminal gangs operating in England are complex and ruthless organisations, using sophisticated techniques to groom children and chilling levels of violence to keep them compliant.

Her report said some children may only identify loosely with a gang and may not be involved in crime or serious violence, but the most important is the estimated 34,000 children who know gang members and who have experienced violence in 2018.

The research has looked into the characteristics of children involved in gangs and found 95 per cent more likely to have social, emotional and mental health issues and more than twice as likely to be self-harming.

The stark figures also revealed that 41 per cent more likely to have a parent or carer who misuses substances.

Over a third of gang members are more likely to have witnessed domestic violence, with 37 per cent more likely to be missing or absent from their schools.

Other signs pointing to children belonging to gangs include a 20 per cent rise in children assaulted with a sharp object between 2016 and 2017, and a 67 per cent rise between 2012 and 2017 in the number of kids permanently excluded from their schools.”

Today’s message enlists the crucial character a Christian child must possess in the family and the society.

  1. Fear God
  2. Zero respect for idols
  3. Your tongue finds it difficult to roll out abusive slangs or words
  4. Honour your father and mother
  5. Doing everything to always safe a life and not to murder
  6. A Christian child is zealous to help the poor
  7. Always humble, and no sign of pride
  8. Patience and endurance in all things
  9. Compassion is a vital virtue
  10.  Christian child Possess a forgiving heart
  11.  Thorough in every good work
  12.  The diligent hands of a Christian child give riches
  13.   Keep a tight rein on your tongue
  14.  Deep love for God
  15.  Selfless service for your neighbour
  16.  Faithful to the Lord
  17.  Prayer-loving
  18.  Christian child always long to increase in wisdom
  19.  Dislikes physical and emotional uncleanliness
  20.  Obedient to the Lord, but, disobedient to the ‘sweet’ rules of the world
  21.  Motivate people without witchcraft practice
  22.  Christian child always fulfils promises to God and man
  23.  Self-control in times of trouble
  24.  A Christian child has a thankful heart even during hard times
  25.  Handles temptations with careful dissection of the word of God
  26.  Not arrogant, but, a Christian child is teachable
  27.  Obtain godly counsel and disregard carnal counsel
  28.  Ability to behave properly during shortage or abundance
  29.  Bold to tell everyone to join the wagon of holiness in Christ
  30.  Does not compare himself with others and would never be jealous
  31.  Not carried away by emotions
  32.  A Christian child is characterized as a role model
  33.  Hardworking
  34.  Does not mess up with money; no gambling, reckless expenses or extravagance
  35.  Christian child produces life of moral excellence
  36.  Bold to say ‘no’ to sin
  37.  Eager to spread the gospel everyday
  38.  Pride cannot be traced to a Christian child
  39.  Respects the works of the Holy Spirit
  40.  A Christian child stands up when he/she stumbles

All these attributes are based on the scriptural teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Matthew chapter 5: “…Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth…Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God…”

I pray the Lord will shine His Light of Salvation into the heart of every Christian child in our homes in Jesus name.

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I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

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