12 Powerful Ways to Fight the Evil Spirit!

To fight the evil spirit means acquisition of a supernatural power that manifests to yield victory both in the spiritual and physical realm of your life.

Please be watchful because all spiritual attacks do not take the form of warfare, some can be gentle, seductive and look good like in the case of Eve in the garden of Eden.

Have you experienced strange noise, unusual body and mind control or terrible nightmares with a bad influence on your physical, emotional or spiritual life? Have you joined the occult to fight the evil spirit and you don’t win? It’s unfortunate but don’t worry because reading this message and obeying the steps would give you victory in Jesus’ name.

What are Evil Spirits?

Evil spirits are spirits of the fallen angels chased out of heaven for their rebellious act.

Evil spirits are also referred to as unclean spirits, demons and lying spirit.

They are called evil spirit because all the best the angels can do are destructive missions. If you get any ‘good’ from them then you will surely pay it back in multiples of grieve and sorrow!

History of Demonic Spirits

The LORD created the angels to have a spiritual formation like us.

“Who makes His angels spirits, His ministers a flame of fire.” (Psalm 104:4)

All angels were ministering to the LORD until a moment when one of the arch angels called Lucifer the morning star thought of elevating his throne above that of his Creator. He convinced so many angels who thought Lucifer could defeat the Throne of the LORD.

After their defeat from heaven, Lucifer name changed to Devil/Satan and the other angels that followed him are now referred to as evil angels. Thus, the spirit in an evil angel is simply an evil spirit.

Please, read more in the Holy Bible as recorded in the book of Isaiah chapter 14 and Revelation chapter 12.

7 Major Categories of Evil Spirits

No one can understand everything about the Creator. He created us with hierarchies and the angels were not created with equal capability too. When the fallen angels left heaven, the LORD did not withdraw their powers so they rank themselves according to their creative ability.

Major categories according to their location include:

1. The Arch Angelic Demon known as their spiritual leader is popularly called the Satan wandering from one place to another (Job 1:6-7)

2. Chained ones in darkness (Jude 1:6)

3. Unclean spirits in the wilderness (Matthew 12:43)

4. The demons in the firmament

5. Evil spirits on earth possess living creatures including humans.

6. Marine spirits

7. Demons are present in hell (2Peter2:4)

All these categories of evil spirits do not work independently but they are loyal to the great dragon, the old serpent also called the Devil.

     There are some people who make you believe that there are good demons that can give you money, children or anything wonderful you want. But I am warning you with respect to my experience with the Devil that there is nothing good from the evil spirits. They might make you laugh in the morning but they would ensure you cry in the afternoon and weep tirelessly at night!

How Can I be Possessed by Demonic Spirit?

The 10 main channels you can become filled by the evil spirit are:

1. Living joyfully in a sinful lifestyle.

2. If you worship in churches with existence of idols or ‘statue of saints’.

3. Gathering where recitation of strange words that cannot be found in the Bible.

4. Church without decorum about speaking in tongues and its interpretation. Don’t be deceived, demons speak in tongues as well, so if your tongue is not genuine you are set for a big trouble!

5. If you love lies then demons would be your friend.

6. Absence of the word of GOD in your heart.

7. A life with less prayer or reading prayers from the book without real spiritual connection to the LORD is dangerous.

8. When the Holy Spirit is not allowed to control your actions and reactions daily.

9. If you seek for help from dark powers, then you won’t be able to fight the evil spirit.

10. Careless Christians who claim to be saved by grace and still wallow in unholiness can’t escape the possession of the demonic spirits.

10 Dangerous Effects of Evil Spirit to You

The terrible actions of unclean spirits mentioned below can be as a result of spiritual attack or the aftermath of a relationship with the Devil and demons:

1. Depression; like the case of king Saul (1 Samuel 16:14)

2. Some case of mental imbalance

3. Incurable sickness

4. Suicidal mission

5. Transforming you from GOD’s image to another image through cosmetics, tattoos and make-up. (Revelation 2:20)

6. Making money through your spiritual gifts instead to give freely as instructed by Jesus Christ, this act will lead to end-time rejection. (Matthew 7:21-23)

7. Evil spirit will make you love arguments with the Holy Spirit and make you good at misconceptions of the scriptures. (Titus 3:9)

8. Departure of the Holy Spirit from you due to your wrong choice.

9. Evil spirit attacks you to steal, kill and destroy destiny.

10. The relationship of the Devil and his demons with you will surely lead your eternal soul to hell.

12 Mighty Ways to Fight the Evil Spirit

May we never fall into the anger of the LORD where these evil spirits are used as instruments of chastisement to the children of GOD. Thus, the following steps below can help you fight the evil spirit that intends to crush you to hell:

1. Stop all sinful acts, repent and ask for God’s forgiveness; the only ‘access key’ used by the evil spirit to knock you down is the presence of sin in your life!

2. Cry out to the LORD for deliverance and always call the name of Jesus Christ when you feel the presence of the unclean spirits.

3. Your faith in the Power of the LORD is a strong weapon to fight the evil spirit.

4. Destroy all charms and renounce all covenants you have with the demons.

5. Stop attending church with idols/statue of ‘holy saints’ and run away from gatherings that use materialism such as; handkerchiefs, soap, candles, water, oil etc. All these are channels of the wicked spirit that links into you!

6. Identify the loopholes that give the entrance of the evil spirit into your life. For example; drunkenness, wild parties, sexual immoralities, artificial beauty materials, carelessness etc.

7. Seal all the loopholes by obeying the holy commandments of the LORD written in the Bible.

8. If you want to fight the evil spirit and win the battle, then you must always read the word of GOD in the Bible every hour. I advise you to listen to the bible audio format and always sing good Gospel worship songs.

9. Always pray to the LORD all the time and invite the Holy Spirit to dwell in you. Don’t give-up even if there is no instant miracle.

10. Don’t do anything without the approval of the Holy Spirit in you because the Spirit of the LORD will teach you how to defeat different spiritual attacks of the demons.

11. You must engage in prayer and fasting asking for the divine touch of GOD on you, for sanctification and spiritual transformation. Your mind, spirit and body must be cleansed.

12. If you suffer too much stumbling in the process, then seek for counsel from a genuine servant of GOD who won’t ask for money from you or you can contact me.

I was once a friend of the Devil and when I heard the Call of the LORD, I pulled out. I was severely attacked by the Devil and his demons but all the steps I mentioned above were followed and I was victorious through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

If you sincerely obey the twelve steps above you will fight the evil spirit and overcome!

May the power of the LORD be upon you as you obey today’s message in Jesus’ name.   

About Ekundayo

I am an evangelist in the vineyard of the Lord since 2000 moving from one place to another to spread the gospel of Jesus.

11 comments on “12 Powerful Ways to Fight the Evil Spirit!

  1. April, I pray you will win in Jesus name. From my spiritual experience, materialism for cleansing house recommended by some churches or prophets does not give permanent solution and it is not Jesus’s doctrine. They only make money through the buyer.

    The Powerful cleansing process for your home that will work are:

    1. Remove all idols of any form in your house [e.g wooden cross, holy Mary statue, holy water, and the likes]. Remove anything you use as medium of prayers or self beautification.

    2. Any property that does not belong to you endeavor to return to the owner or dispose.

    3. Anyone leaving with you who does not believe in Jesus Christ but rather cajole demons as way of worship must leave your home.

    4. Make your home a prayer center; pray aloud without disturbing the neighbourhood, walk around the in and out of your home as you pray. Do this many times in a day as you have the opportunity, but not less than twice daily.
    Speaking in tongues while praying does not answers prayers, so speak in language you understand better.

    5. Get a mp3 device and download many meaningful Gospel songs and also download mp3 audio Bible, such that your device can play for a whole 24 hours content. So, don’t make your home silent but let the sound of good gospel inspirational and worship content songs fill the air of your home without disturbing your neighbor.

    If you follow this 5 steps inviting Jesus Christ into your home, then you will feel the presence of the LORD and will dwell with you forever [just as I currently enjoy].

  2. Hello my name is April Jackson. I am experiencing the same kind of evil things.. which he is trying to to convince me that I’m the devil and I know that facts that that is very much not so.. I am a good, kind hearted, graceful, loving, easy going, caring person that knows that the Lord is my savior and Jesus Christ there’s no doubt about that!! I’m praying daily to have this negativity removed from me and my home. Wanted to know whats the best thing to cleanse my home with.

  3. Olajide, I am glad you are Blessed. You can reach me through filling the Contact form on the website. The LORD will make you victorious in Jesus name.

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