Spiritual Dream: How to Interpret and Take Dreams Seriously!

Spiritual dream may be gentle or aggressive but the truth is that it disseminates important message to warn or get you prepared for a victorious journey. 

Today’s sermon explains the types of dreams, how to get meaning to your dreams and how to identify a spiritual dream.

What is a Spiritual Dream?

Spiritual dream is a revelation that occurs during your sleep. It’s a medium that is used by GOD and the devil to interact with you. It is a medium for disseminating information to you and it’s also a battle field. Your soul and spirit are actively involved in spiritual dream.

When to Take Dream Seriously!

It’s not a big deal if you dreamt flying an aeroplane and you got crashed into the sea, swimming and shooting at your enemies if you’d watch an action movie the previous day!

Take your dream seriously if you do all the check-list and confirm that it was not the reflection of the previous day(s) activities, thoughts and imaginations.

Your soul is so powerful that it can store a lot of things you do including imaginations which could be re-played to your sub-conscious state when you are fast-asleep.

Is it Good to Believe in dreams?

Sensible dreams are not for everyone because it is not a spiritual gift to many. So, consider yourself to be among the favoured if you can sleep and wake up to narrate your dreams.

“And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.” (Joel 2:28)

I don’t joke with my dreams because they always come to pass. I can’t count all the advantages of dream because God uses it to tell me what would happen the next day or in the nearest future.

Yes, the devil and his demons come to attack with the intention to stop me from revealing his secrets to people, but they are always defeated by the power of the LORD who lives in me.

 It is good to believe dreams if you are very sure it’s not as a result of your imaginations. Good or bad dreams prepare you for the challenge ahead and it guides you to know how to pray and actions to take during the day’s activities.

What to do after dreams?

1. Write your dreams in a designated book.

2. If it is either sweet dreams don’t be too excited or bad dreams don’t be overwhelmed with fear.

3. Many dreams require interpretation, so, you need the help of the Holy Spirit. I reluctantly recommend sharing with your Pastor because he might not be gifted to interpret, but when you pray to the LORD, He would tell you more about the spiritual dream.

4. Don’t procrastinate the obedience of God’s instruction you received through dreams.

5. Sweet spiritual dream does not encourage you to be spiritually lazy. Joseph’s dreams were enough for him to be lazy but he wasn’t.

Spiritual dream is another world of reality that is capable of influencing your physical world. Take dreams seriously and pray about it.

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