Memorize Bible: 20 Ways to Learn Scriptures by Heart!

To memorize Bible means quoting the word of God for the benefit of yourself or people around you without opening the Bible.

This powerful act does not have a thumb rule on how to learn it perfectly because our ability to memorize bible is not the same. But today’s message highlights many practical steps that could help you learn scriptures by heart. I would also share the powerful benefits with you!

I would love to share the testimony of Rebecca Moffitt related to memorizing the Bible:

“The miracle is what happened (and is still happening) in my mind. It’s like the links of my chains began to fall off, one at a time. Where I used to worry, I have peace. Previously I used to be suspicious, but now I have certainty that all is well. Before, I used to dwell on my stronghold, but now forget to think about it.

Verses like, “…But each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed,” (that was me!) and, “…Humbly accept the word planted in you which can save you,” began living and working within me!

I have an amazing new weapon in this battle. The memorization worked to occupy my mind when I replaced those negative thoughts with my daily scripture.  James says, “…Then after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin…” 

Well, desire didn’t have a chance to conceive when I had my weapon, “The Sword of The Spirit,” at hand and was willing to use it. I’m an analyser (can’t you tell?) so I don’t want to overanalyse how this process began freeing me in a way I’ve never been free before, but God was answering my prayer and showing me the power of “His perfect word that gives freedom.” “ 

20 Helpful Steps to Memorize Bible Verses!

1. Have confidence that your memory size of about 2.5 million gigabytes can store the verses you intend to keep.

2. Pray to the LORD to Bless your efforts.

3. Start memorization with short verses.

4. Memorize Bible verses that are relevant to what you are going through now.

5. Write down the verses many times until you miss no word anymore.

6. Mention some part if not all the scriptures you intend to memorize during your prayers to the LORD.

7. Turn off all media and recite the bible verses aloud!

8. Paste the memory verses on the wall, in your car, laundry, computer background and put the cards in your pocket.

9. If you are talented in music then memorize the scriptural verses by singing it.

10. If you choose to memorize bible verses thirty minutes daily, then do it in a quiet place without any form of distraction.

11. Understand the context and content of the bible verses. So, check dictionary or commentaries if necessary.

12. Start memorization of the keywords in the bible verse and very soon the complete verse would be stored properly to your brain.

13. Avoid stress and anxiety. You can’t easily remember your memory verses if you are tensed.

14. Long verse is best memorized bit by bit.

15. Listen to the audio bible of the verses often and it would help you speed up memorization.

16. The use of good Bible memory app can help you memorize bible verses easily.

17. Read the verse aloud twenty times, then speak the verse from memory ten times. And repeat process for fifteen minutes.

18. Envision the bible verses you want to memorize in your mind. The visual capture in your heart is a powerful feature.

19. Memorize Bible verses with your people at the family altar.

20. Review every memorized scripture once in a while.

10 Benefits of Bible Memorization

1. It gives you victorious response to evil thoughts that troubles your heart.

2. You would have boldness to respond to misleading arguments by false pastors, fake prophets, atheists and new age movement.

3. When you memorize Bible, you speak to sickness by faith and healing comes.

4. You stand to benefit spectacular deliverance during spiritual attack!

5. Memorized Bible verses strengthen your faith during the unexpected events of life.

6. It helps you to overcome temptations and you won’t be slave to sin.

7. You would always remember God’s commandments which makes you closer to Heaven.

8. Memorized Bible verses would help you to live a Christ-like life.

9. You can easily preach where holding the Bible is a crime.

10. Scriptural memorization speeds up your spiritual maturity.

It is a wise action to memorize Bible verses, so I recommend the steps above. Choose the ones that suits you and repeat the process regularly.

I would love to say at this point that I don’t dispute the fact that there are some cases where the Holy Spirit could help you remember the scriptures without your effort of memorization.

Please, this act is not meant for show-off or to impress anyone. Scriptural memorization is to help you and your neighbour for the glory of the LORD.

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